This is what I think. Wear your hair the way you want to and do whatever works for you. There could be 30 people. 29 of 'em might like your hair but one will not. That's because you can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. So you must please yourself. Why just last week a man asked me if I had to stick my finger in a bunch of electrical sockets to get my hair to look like I thought to myself, that's why he can't get a date.

Then there's this woman at work that tells me she loves my curls and then says she wants to straighten them (like I don't know how to straighten my own hair???). I want to tell her to give it up already...been there done that.

Sometimes I let it get to me, and I come home and look in the mirror and think my hair must look disgusting, but after awhile I get a grip on myself. I realize, well some people just don't like curly or frizzy hair and they never will and other people love it. Since it's MY head, I can love my hair or hate it and it's nobody else's business. I never tell anyone else how to wear their hair or what to do with it. It's not right.

Be happy. Life is too short. Be individual. If everyone were the same the world would sure be boring.
Once upon a time, on a clear moonlit night, I counted all the stars in the sky.