This douche:

NChick, Since you ***** in every review about how women are portrayed in movies, you should do a video on how you would want them to be portrayed- Or at the very least, a video of the top films that you think portrays its female characters right according to your criteria.

And btw:

Nella in "sexy clothes"? I think I threw up in my mouth a little.....
And the idea that in this day and age women are exploited victims when they have a choice what to wear, where to work, etc. Is ridiculous.

Some women like to be celebrated and praised for their beauty as well and get paid a lot for it.

NChick, all people must fill a niche life and the ugly ones like you rely on your brains.... Too bad the one thing you rely on isn't good enough to land you a better gig than over-analyzing old movies and sharing your feministic viewpoints citing examples from ****ty movies that no one really watches nor remembers.
Paid More?

Do Male strippers/bartenders make more than their Female counterparts? I think not.

In the entertainment business, namely movie and television actors, successful Women make far more money than most American Females AND Males. If women were as noble and superior to men as they claim to be, they should be above squabbling over making a little less than male entertainers, despite living in comfort and getting to have a job doing essentially no hard honest work whatsoever.(not to mention when they marry their famous male counterparts, they have access to all his money anyways.)

And if a movie role is too degrading for them after reading the script, they can turn down the money.... But that would mean that people would actually have to have a shred of Integrity within them.