o_O...... As long as she provides good customer service, ships within her policy's time frame and provides a product that's accurate in it's description.....I don't have to be e-pals with an owner in order for me to purchase from their product line. Based off of correspondence there are many product line owners who's personality I don't particually like, but they provide a quality product and good cs so I don't care. I just don't understand that type thinking but everyone's diff I suppose.. If she's a professional business woman it would stay strictly business and no one would have to deal with her personality. ...so I would give it a try if I had to choose from the more expensive online products.

One thing I'm slightly annoyed by is the influx of youtubers (who did product reviews for other product lines, made recipes using other product lines, etc) popping up with their own line. Like honestly.....it seems like everyone and their mama who can get access to a stick blender BTMS and coconut oil has a "product line".