o_O...... As long as she provides good customer service, ships within her policy's time frame and provides a product that's accurate in it's description.....I don't have to be e-pals with an owner in order for me to purchase from their product line. Based off of correspondence there are many product line owners who's personality I don't particually like, but they provide a quality product and good cs so I don't care. I just don't understand that type thinking but everyone's diff I suppose.. If she's a professional business woman it would stay strictly business and no one would have to deal with her personality. ...so I would give it a try if I had to choose from the more expensive online products.

One thing I'm slightly annoyed by is the influx of youtubers (who did product reviews for other product lines, made recipes using other product lines, etc) popping up with their own line. Like honestly.....it seems like everyone and their mama who can get access to a stick blender BTMS and coconut oil has a "product line".
Originally Posted by Lovemenappy
A lot of consumers think like you. I don't understand that.

In business, it's VERY easy to turn off customers, with your demeanor. I don't buy from folks I don't "like", in the sense of finding them pleasant and professional with their online/real space presentation. There are a LOT of folks like me. Lots. Please believe me. Sales people understand what I'm talking about. They may not come out and say, "I would never buy from her, because of her attitude and the way she talks/has talked to her subscribers". They'll just not purchase from her. Those are the kind of potential customers you can't account for - you'll never know what you could have done, had you been more concerned about your online presence.

There's simply too many choices - and most of these chicks breakin' out with product lines aren't doing ANYTHING revolutionary - including the woman we're discussing.

I don't have to buy from anybody I "don't like", cuz there's too many good products out there, made by people who understand the importance of presentation - self, and product. I "like" them in the sense that they stay out of/don't create online drama, handle customer disputes professionally (with a "smile"), and get my goods to me, in a timely manner.

That being sad, I wish Kim Love much success - seriously. If I were new in the product purchase game, I'd give her some dough. Her packaging is very nice, and I'm sure folks won't have to worry about "bleeding labels", products growing mold after 30 days, and some of the other nonsense that most of us product junkies have experienced, after deciding to give an indie company some play. She's tight,in that respect, and I'm sure she'll do well.
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