I have two daughters -- biracial -- with completely different hair. Everyone, including me is sulfate free and shampoo maybe twice a week max. Sometimes if things are feeling dry we just co-wash.

The oldest curly (5 yrs) is under control -- she's a 3C with thick, strong hair. The youngest (nearly 3) is a 4 A with super fine hair. Detanglers just leave a residue that make it harder to detangle the next day. Washing too often make it drier and frizzy. And it is currently too short to braid and barely pulls up into tiny pigtails. I cannot stay on top of the knots.

I realize that they can't use the same products, but I am at a loss what to try on the baby that will give more moisture without requiring more washing. I've tried Mixed Chicks kids, Blended Beauty Curly Cake Shake, using Tresemme as a leave in (not just co-wash) and Tiny Twirls.

Bring on the ideas.