I am so glad, that I found this forum. Since almost everyone seems to have straight hair (or straightens the curls) I felt very alone on this planet! And by the way, I did the same straightening thing for years, and it was always a something inbetween with a lot of frizz.
Months ago I read something about CO-washing and I tried it and it felt, as if my hair wasn´t washed at all and it felt heave and a bit greasy. But maybe I did something wrong. So, I am open to try again! As I wash my hair only once a week, tomorrow will be the big day! I already figured out, that I have low porosity, (my hair is swimming!, what a surprise!). Until now, I always left the CO in my hair, maybe this wasn´t a good thing. I am not quite sure if I am 2B, maybe this will be clearer after some CO-washing.
Can I use every Conditioner?
I am so happy to be here and I´m excited about finding a lot of friends!