The site that used to be goinggraylookinggreat (or whatever) is now The Silver Sister's Cafe Gray. I found it thru facebook and joined last April 2012.

I am still learning my way here at naturallycurly. I just read this entire thread and hope it will continue as I have been going gray since January of this year... If I should be following another thread, please let me know.

Most of the dye is cut off and my hair is way shorter than my liking. My bangs are 4" and layered throughout, going longer down to my neck. I have only been practicing cg/nat.curly methods since July of this year. My hair has not been this short since high school (29 yrs)!!! The pics on my sig/avatar are before I did my LAST trim/cut.

I want to find a headband like the one "rustina" had in her pic on this thread, page 11 post #218 "rbb" called it a satin covered plastic headband. It appeared to have teeth (in 2nd pic) as to separate the hair. I think it is the type I am looking for to pull my short bangs/sides back during this grow out period. Any links to this type of headband would be appreciated. I have looked all over the web.

What are you currently using for yellowing (I haven't had that yet)? I do a once per month baking soda/water followed by WHITE vinegar/water rinse to brighten/clarify. Is the soda wrong to use for naturally curly girls? Is once a month too damaging??? I don't do ACV because I have heard it can stain grays. Is white vinegar wrong for naturally curly girls???

I know rbb and jeepcurlygurl told me about the red/gold corrector in another thread. I see the discussion was here and I am still unsure about it...

Thank you for this thread. I enjoyed hearing the transitions and it really helps to know what lies ahead.

Well, I'm 8 months going gray and I have a LONG road ahead of me!!! Keep me on the gray/curly path...
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Like this?Meein | Solid Color Zigzag Wide Tooth Headband-Black