i did not use a clip like that, hurt my head! LOL. i just regular head clips with satin wrapped around the band. i got them mostly online, jcrew, and some dept store accessory sites, i would go to the brands they offered website. nothing expensive. i also had stretchy material ones from rite aid, a bunch of those. they were easier on my head. i can wear a head clip band one day or two, but by the 3rd and 4th day they really annoy/hurt my head, so i'll use the stretchy ones in between. the stretchy ones gave my hair a different look, more like it was somewhat up. i liked both and occasionally on a bad hair day (like a 2nd day) or a very hot day, i'll pull my hair back with them.

as far as yellowing, i stand by ardell red/gold corrector in any conditioner you chose. the blue conditioners i bought irritated my head, made it itchy, made my hair dry and if i wasn't careful, tinted it blue!!
ardell corrector keeps the yellow out, never tints my hair blue, and because i pick the conditioner, makes my hair soft. i dump a bunch of it in an almost full bottle of conditioner so it's always available depending on my whims.
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3a, some 2c & 3b, medium texture, porosity normal, low elasticity
washing/cowashing, conditioning, protein tx: [I] curl junkie products
leave in:cj conditioners and treatments as leave in
styling: cj aloe fix gel, cj pattern pusha, cj honey butta leave in, cj cccc, cj ciab.
sealants - jane carter nourish & shine