Carol's Daughter has a FLASH Sale going on today Tui Smoothie, you can get two for one with code:TUI20 hurry because quantities are limited! Offer ends at midnight EST..

Also saw on Carol's Daughter website page:They have Weekend Special! Free Shipping when you spend just $25! Ends 9/9/12.

Also you can still use code:CDPR20 and get 20% off on top of using the code:TUI20 together. Also use code:CDPR11 for FREE Shipping.

Before discounts it's $36.00 and with the discount of TUI20 you''re looking at $26.95 and with the free shipping code:CDPR11 added and CDPR20 on it brings it down to $12.80 all total that you pay for the Two for 1 Special. That's a good deal that you cant pass up .
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Ollie ~ I couldn't get this to work in the order you entered however I still got a decent deal. By using TUI20 first on the $36.00 TUI duo the total is automatically adjusted to $20.00 which removes the free shipping. You can still use the CDPR20 on top of that for an additional 20% off though.

What I did: I added the $36.00 TUI smoothie duo to the cart first, followed by the CDPR20 for 20% off and then used TUI20 (2 for 1 deal) which brought the total down to $16.00. With tax, my order was $21.36 for the two which is like getting 2 for the price of 1 + free shipping for (overpriced) $20.00 conditioners.

Thanks for sharing.

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