here's what i know. pretty sure i'm a 2c, 3 a...but thinking that's not all that important right now. my biggest issue seems to be my hair porosity. VERY porous hair and fine too. i'm living (recently moved) to an area with high mineral content in the water and it is straightening out my hair and turning it to straw. in trying to resolve the problems i have found this forum. could someone please help? just trying to find products that will improve the texture and curl of my hair. i've given up sulfates but really not sure that any of the cones are hurting... not sure really what IS hurting or helping my hair right now. have tried different protein treatments and found them to really make my hair feel worse even tho i have conditioned alot afterwards. maybe i am using the wrong things. would appreciate any feedback into what anyone else with similar sounding hair might be using. (HIGHLY porous, fine, wavey with some curls and ringlets here and there-2c, 3a?, very dry, shoulder length, color treated,have been doing that for years). any and all advice appreciated! also, seem to do much better with creams instead of gels or mouse. thanks in advance!