My hair has slowly been getting straighter, and every protein treatment I tried made my hair even straighter. I thought something was wrong when I used the same conditioner that, at the beginning of trying CG, gave me super curly hair. This time it gave me soft straight hair. I read on another forum that this might be caused by not clarifying the hair before the protein treatment. So as an experiment, I tried the gelatin treatment again, this time clarifying my hair before I applied the gelatin. Last time I got soft straight hair. This time I got super curly hair!

So if your hair seems to react oddly to gelatin, becoming straighter, clarify before applying it!!
AKA earthnut
2c/M/ii, healthy, random kinks, waist length, platinum black!
Wash routine: sometimes coconut oil treatment, CO wash with Suave, rinse, GVP Hair Reconstructor, rinse, LI Suave, plop, air-dry
Non-wash days: Smooth hair with water and Suave, sometimes olive oil to seal
Bad for me: Phenoxyethanol irritates scalp, Distearyldimonium Chloride & Quaternium-87 straighten hair
Holy Grail Conditioners, Suave Naturals with
Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine!