What exactly did she do? Did she skin a cat?

I watch her videos and the pH ones are interesting. The videos look well made, professional and clean.

Most people would get annoyed of you continuing to go on their channel if you don't believe their views.
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Folks have been saying for years now that it's not the quality of her videos but her attitude to viewers and commenters. There are more than a few people here who were blocked(myself included) for doing nothing other than making a suggestion, asking a question, or making a slight correction. Disagreements not being necessary. Then there was the drama between her, AE, and taren where she showed herself being less of a professional. She's has shown herself to be prideful, arrogant, disrespectful, and downright nasty to youtubers and viewers alike. Her videos may be informative, her hair may be healthy, and yes her bottles in the haircare line are cute and probably work but her attitude is a major turnoff for a lot of folks as you read in this thread.
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Oh, ok. I see where people might say she's arrogant. I never comment on her videos or read the comments so I don't notice.
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