Umm let's see perfect guy. . .

1) Little bit protective and also respects me.
2)good looking (of course) straightish hair couple inches long. I know what is wrong with me I'm a curly I'm supposed to like curly guys!
3) Tall, thin.
4) funny, talkative (since I don't talk much) opens doors, basically a gentleman.
5)Romantic (the kind of guy who takes you on a moonlit walk on the beach.

We ask a lot from our guys don't we. But then hey we also deserve it, or think we do.
I Love my curls, and yours!

2c-3a curls
love Totally Twisted line, & Aussie Leave in Hair Insurance. Don't forget aloe vera gel!

Cowash W/Vo5 conditioners, and Thermasilk by Heline curtis.
Love honey!!!

Sometimes when I lie awake at night I ask.
"Where have I gone wrong?" Then a voice says.
"This is going to take all night."