I am not mixed but I have 3b hair that I am just now realizing I have. I big chopped July 24th. My daughter is mixed and has 3b hair which I thought was a combo of mine and her father's hair. I big chopped for her because she hated her hair....everyone around her had straight hair. I didn't want her to relax her hair so I promised her I would cut my hair if she gave her hair a chance. I was quite shocked to see the curls in my hair (because I had asked my mom about my childhood texture and she had told me it was hard to comb/manage). My daughter is 11. If it hadn't been for her I would never have been able to free myself from the bondage of a relaxer. She now loves her hair because she can now identify with someone who has hair like hers.

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You're a wonderful mother, Curlytresses! Not many women are willing to do that for their daughters!
Curly and PROUD!!!

My hair has a mix of low/med/high porosity, and it's medium textured (some are still fine, though!)

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