I guess for me, I see it as someone who is trying to make a name with a new brand for natural hair. On top of that, it's like buying from a small, locally owned business. Just a natural helping another natural.

I can't go by heresay. I have to witness for myself, her snapping at people. Otherwise her videos seem professional and do the job.
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You can search on this site and youtube since you don't want to go by "hearsay". But if you're so determined to buy from her then even that probably won't change your mind.

So many folks want to "buy black" or buy locally to support their own regardless, but for me to put it frank, it's quite stupid. There are too many great companies out there who are not a black brand to waste money and time on folks who know that there are people who are going to throw money at them just because they're black and natural, and not give 2 cents on being a professional brand. We have ladies mixing up rogaine and shea butter and saying it's safe to use on children, selling pink oil at $50, repackaging someone else's product and selling it as their own, using bases and then marketing it as "homemade" and marking the price up 300%, or having just deplorable products and customer service. Why should I have to settle for that just to say that I'm supporting local black businesses? I know my worth and NC is too full of information for me to buy from folks just because they're black.

But it's not my money.
3c/4aish, high porosity, fine strands,medium density cottony curls.

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