What exactly did she do? Did she skin a cat?

I watch her videos and the pH ones are interesting. The videos look well made, professional and clean.

Most people would get annoyed of you continuing to go on their channel if you don't believe their views.
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Thanks for asking. I was wondering myself with all the talk about morals, but it seems to be personality issues which is reflective of both people engaged in the conflict.

I don't know the personalities of most of the people I buy hair/beauty products/clothes/shoes/accessories from because they do not have 100+ videos posted on youtube and had to interact with some of the people on there. I have seen all sorts of youtubers get snippy on there, but I don't blame them because I can only imagine what they have to put up with regularly.

I don't think it is stupid to support black-owned businesses. There are enough producing great products AND offering great customer service that it is a false dichotomy to imply it is either black-owned businesses or good customer service. I prefer to buy from a black-owned business, but I base my purchases on what works, what I am willing to spend, and what is convenient for me. If all three are a black-owned business, I am a happy camper.

If the reviews from someone with my similar hair properties are good and I am in a buying mood, I might pick something up. She has not done anything to me or anyone I know or love.

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