You can search on this site and youtube since you don't want to go by "hearsay". But if you're so determined to buy from her then even that probably won't change your mind.

So many folks want to "buy black" or buy locally to support their own regardless, but for me to put it frank, it's quite stupid. There are too many great companies out there who are not a black brand to waste money and time on folks who know that there are people who are going to throw money at them just because they're black and natural, and not give 2 cents on being a professional brand.
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I think this needs to be said:

First off, folks were asked would they buy Kim's products. Period. Some said they would (yay!) and some said they wouldn't (yay!). That's the way it goes.

My reasons for not buying don't have to be anyone else's. Nobody is trying to get anyone not to buy from Kim. However, I think things get stuck when others feel another person's reasons have to be weighed on their personal scale. They do not. For some, Kim's behavior is "hearsay". For others, like me, it's direct experience. Either way, do you. It's your money, your convictions, your hair.

Finally, nobody said it's "stupid" to buy from black businesses. I said that it's not my primary consideration when I decide to purchase. If I'm black, and the person I'm considering buying from is black, seems like the consideration for the other should be mutual, if the "black card" is going to be on the table. Of course there are black companies that give good customer service, and make great products - I gave an example of one in this thread.

As a black person, I would never rest in the faulty assumption that my "blackness" automatically gives me a pass (or should give me a pass) with another person...because that other person is also black.

Today, you need to dig deep and do your best, and expect that level of commitment to make the difference in whether or not you succeed.

Best of luck to Kim...I'm out.
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Agree with all parts of your comment.

Everyone needs to do what works for them and not imply others have no standards/morals because they purchase from people they have never had problems with.

As for the 'stupid' line, it was from the comment made by soleilmoncur a few posts before mine. I have quoted the first part of it in this comment.
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Underlined the word REGARDLESS.

So many folks want to "buy black" or buy locally to support their own regardless, but for me to put it frank, it's quite stupid.
I think I was pretty clear, but to elaborate: Some people will buy from black companies just because they are black owned companies REGARDLESS of the fact that the products don't work well or the company is lacking in other factors. I mentioned earlier that I buy from Darcy's Botanicals which is a black owned company because I like the owner and her constant professionalism. Like ninjarette said it's your money, your hair and your convictions. If you don't believe what was said about her or don't care because she didn't do anything to you, your dog, or your family then just do you and buy. I can't tell you who to buy from, just that I WON'T be buying from her.

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