I tried her stuff yesterday. I've only used it once so these are my first impressions. Her packaging is professional and the labels didn't scratch off in the shower.

Detangler - Nice smell, nice consistency, and decent slip. The only pre-poo I've ever used is the Shea Moisture Purification Masque. I much prefer the Shea Moisture, but I think this will work great for me as a leave-in.

Cleanser - It was thick and smelled like peppermint & tea tree. It had little foam and got my hair clean. That's pretty much all I'm looking for in a shampoo so I'm happy with it. It reminds me of that Curls Cleanser that's available at Target (can't think of the name).

Conditioner - This was nice and also had decent slip. I don't remember it smelling like anything. The consistency was thick and a little bubbly. Overall I liked the conditioner.

Leave-in - This smelled nice but had no slip and a weird consistency. It was grainy when I rubbed it in my hands, and it did nothing for my hair. I'm not sure why because all the ingredients looked nice. But with the consistency and performance I definitely won't be purchasing this again. I'm curious to see what others thought about this.

ETA: As for her attitude, I really don't have issues with her. But I'm pretty blunt myself so I probably don't see a problem with it because I can relate. The only difference is I'm not running a business where I'm (and by default my attitude is) the face of the brand. If she offended me I wouldn't purchase from her. If her customer service sucked I wouldn't purchase from her. In the end, like NEA said it's our money. I don't think anyone is telling those of us who purchased that we are stupid for buying from her. They were just stating why they wouldn't. I don't see the problem with that. I do prefer to buy black and I will pay more to buy black because I understand that with any small business it will cost more to produce a product than those producing on a grand scale. I won't buy black if the service or the product sucks though.
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Trueeee. Thanks for sharing your input cause even though i'm not buying, I'm still curious.

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