I have been coloring my wavy hair (see sig for details) since I was 21 due to premature greying - probably 30-40% grey now at 32 - and because my hair grows WICKED fast (blessing and a curse), I dye it every 4-5 weeks. I always use close to my natural color in a one-process step (did home color for many years then decided when I turned 30 it was time to go pro!) and have never bleached or stripped it except for that one time I tried to use platinum blonde home dye when I was 15 and stupid.

Because of this history, I have been assuming that my hair is highly porous and needs protein. I had started to feel like my hair just couldn't get soft like ti normally does, and was just not curling like normal (I have been borderline 3a on good days, and I'm barely 2b right now) and that's when I reviewed my products... soooo... my hair may be a little over-proteined now... as I was using...

Clarifying shampoo (pre-PT): Tresseme anti-breakage (protein)
CG Shampoo: Giovanni tea tree
RO: Suave naturals coconut (protein)
PT: GVP K-pak once every 1-2 weeks
Product: CJ CCCL or GF pure gel or Curlisto structura lotion (allll protein)
DT: coconut oil (apparently has protein - who knew??)


So yesterday I did a porosity test - dropped some strands into (don't laugh, it totally works!) the toilet... and they pretty much floated forever. It's also very smooth and slick when I run my finger up the shaft, but my hair is NOT coarse - it's probably on the fine side of medium, very very stylable (if it's up in a ponytail for more than 3 minutes I can't wear it down the rest of the day because of the permanent-until-washed crease).

Is it possible for my porosity to appear low because I have sooo much protein in it now, or for very colored hair to be so NOT porous?

I went out and totally revamped my products to be mostly protein FREE with plans to add protein in with the K-pak just before and mid-coloring, but otherwise think my hair may be needing some more moisture (see sig for current plan).

Anyone else have experience with low-porosity colored hair?
Mod CG since 5/10, 2b/3a, med width/density, low/med porosity, greying since 18, color over grey since 21

Hair hates: non-keratin protein, glycerin, sorbitol, agave, sulfates, polyquats, co-washing (flaky scalp), maybe aloe?
Hair loves: fewer/more natural ingredients, moisture

Scalp wash: Selsun Blue naturals or reg when desperate
Low poo: Giovanni TTTT
RO: SN - Strawberry, ES
Style: HETT mousse, FSG if I make it, ??