After being addicted to my straightening iron I've finally embraced my natural hair texture--still in the recover phase but I do have nice waves with a few loose I had my first hair touching and comment:

A lady at church came up and started touching my hair and said oh your hair looks just like my daughters--she wouldn't let me brush it last night or this morning--its such a mess...then proceeded to tell me how pretty my wavy curly hair is....a wild mess but pretty--that makes sense, lol

I'm not really offended since reading on here about other's experiences I was half expecting to have something said at some point...though I'm wondering if I should take this as a compliment since its the first time, lol Finally have become apart of the curly community all the way

Yea--my hair was still wet from showering so I have a little frizz where she touched but overall have very little frizz.