I have a stupid question. How long does it take to transition? And how do you know that all of your rebonded hair has been cut off? It's just that a year ago my not curly hair was rebonded (I know, shameful) because my mom got sick of my hair being not completely straight but not curly (just a VERY slight bend) either. Just a poofy mess. So I was wondering how'd I know if it's my natural hair and that all the rebonded strands are cut off.
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Did you transition? How long for? The relaxed ends vs your natural texture will more or less be straight and limp vs your NG. Did you use heat during your transition? if you did use a lot of heat that could be another reason for the lac of coil/curl definition.

You may have loose curl texture unlike a tightly curl texture, that maybe why you are not seeing a certain curl pattern. Nonetheless there should be a line of demarcation where the relaxed ends and the NG meets and that is where you cut.