Aww.. I use the regular 100% one (used as a laxative) from walgreens, but I'm not sure if it's cold-pressed. Does that mean I can't join? I've used it consistently for only about a week or two then stopped cuz I've been busy. Anyways, I'm no-poo but I can remove it with co-washing (without being greasy). Though, I did notice that some conditioners work better than some. To make it easier to apply, you could add some other oil to thin it out and put it in one of those bottles with a pointy tip, like ketchup/mustard bottles or applicator bottles. Some people even use paintbrushes. I only applied it to the scalp though. When I use my hands, I just get enough to make my hand shiny when I rub it together, then massage. Some people also like to hear it up so it's warm, not hot! Hope I've helped. I heard it helps with thickening thinning strands and increasing growth rate to it's potential.. Good luck!