Beautiful curls everyone. RiskyRinglets whats your stylers!? is it just Big Sexy Hair Mousse?
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I've been using the regular Deva One condition as my leave-in, but I just got the Darcy Botanicals pumpkin seed conditioner, and since Deva was fine but nothing extraordinary, I'm going to see how it goes with that. I've never had a separate leave-in, I just use a little more of whatever conditioner I'm using at the time.
I use KCCC, and on the couple of spots that I know always frizz more than form ringlets, I give one or two spritzes of Garnier Fructis Curly Spray Gel and scrunch in.

The major thing for me is finger curling. On days when I don't need to look amazing, I just form one or two right near my face and let the rest go. But on days when I want to look extra polished, after scrunching and product application, I twirl a lot of the curls on the top of my head around my finger so they go in the same direction the whole way down. Then I diffuse without moving the hair for about 4 minutes, just to set them drying in the pattern I made. The rest is air drying.

The Big Sexy Hair mousse is also amazing for multiple day hold, but for when I don't want it so stiff I think I'm going to try Curl Keeper to see if it can keep my curls from one day to the next.

Hope this helps!