I have been completely product free for a few months now. I have used the BS/ACV method a few times. Before I went no poo, my hair wasn't really greasy. Now that I use water only, it has only gotten greasier! My hair is about six inches long. I typically wash every day, sometimes every other day. I towel dry. So I am pretty confused on the matter. I recently realized that the oil may possibly be a result of the fact that I don't brush? Ever. Oh and maybe I should add that I'm a male since you may find the fact that I don't brush sort of...awkward, lol. Anyways thanks in advance!
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I don't really know much about the product free method, but I think there's a thread somewhere on here about water washing, which is similar, if not the same thing. I'll look for it. Hopefully, there are others who can answer your question. (Oh, and the fact that you don't brush isn't awkward! Lol!)
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