I really like goody clips (available at target or drugstores). I can't remember what the one I have is called but they have many nice options that are clean and professional looking for sides back or updos. I also love my flexi 8 clips but they are only available online and you don't have time for shipping!
My hair: 3b, corkicelli, medium porosity, medium texture, medium/thick density

Co-wash: DevaCurl NoPoo
Rinse-out: GVP Conditioning Balm
Leave-in: KCKT, Suave Naturals Coconut, or my rinse-out!
Gel: SS FHG (my new HG!!)... I also like HESMU, AIF, CJ CQ, BRHG, CJ PP and the occasional LALSG

Likes: Plopping!
Dislikes: Glycerin

CG and loving it!