I just tried the gelatin protein treatment but I'm not sure I did it right.. First thing I did was a baking soda rinse, which might've gotten mixed with the gelatin (is that ok?) Also, Is one packet one envelope? I used 1 packet and 3/4 cup of water. I ran out of acv so I left it out. Does any other kind of vinegar work? Like white vinegar? I loved how it turned out at first while I rinsed it out. My hair got so curly, all over (which is a big deal for me when I could barely get a curl consistently) but as my hair dried, it got straighter and (softer). It's nice I guess but not the effect I wanted.. Was it because I didn't use acv or follow the recipe right? Should I have shampooed first, to clarify hair? Is baking soda not enough? do i just need more moisture or protein? Sorry for the 20 questions, but this is my first time doing an actual (not eggs) protein treatment.