Hi Keihs. Your recipe is more dilute than some use - but if it worked for you, that's great! The vinegar is not a "must" - the original recipe used it to attempt to replicate a store-bought product. The PT works fine without vinegar - but white vinegar is just as good as apple cider vinegar because we just want a touch of acidity.

Some people get a better result when cleansing their hair first, some can conditioner-wash, some must shampoo - you just have to experiment to see which things give you the best result. It's better to keep things like baking soda out of the PT just to avoid mixing up those ingredients if you can avoid it (by rinsing).

If your hair was curlier when wet, then dried straighter and you did not use any styling products - that's par for the course. The water helps the clumps of waves and curls hold together and as it dries, they lose their cohesiveness and disperse.