I just ordered Uncurly Keratin treatment and will be applying it to my type 3b curly hair in the next couple of days. I am growing out my hair from years of straightening. I have not had my hair straightened in a year so the frizz and tight curls at the root area is shocking because I have not dealt with it in years. However, I want to embrace my curls and natural hair and make it the best it can be without having stick straight hair. I hope this works!

I have had a salon previously apply a Keratin treatment unsuccessfully. I honestly do not know what product they used but I could not tell any difference after two hours of application. I decided to take matters into my own hands and try Uncurly Keratin Treatment on my own. I will let you know how things go! I have a very hot iron and have read the instructions over and over so I will be abiding by the Uncurly instructions. Fingers Crossed