I don't know about any of you but I love looking at old pics of my parents and comparing them to me. I especially love looking at their hair because it sooooo makes sense why I have the hair I have.

I've attached two pics of my mother. One from when she was a teenager (she is on the left) and one from a few days ago. The next pic is of my father from the 70's (love the stache and the overalls dad!) and the last is of me a couple weeks ago.

My mom has super fine super low density blond stick straight hair.

My dad had (i say had because he is all grey now and his hair is very fine now) big coarse dark colored curls.

I got my mom's fine low density blond hair... but my dad's curl pattern.

Over the years I've learned to love it!
(except for the fact I'm pretty sure I have 6-10 strands of my mothers hair around my ears and at the nape of my head... the won't even hold a wave! lol)
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