This thread hasn't been bumped in so long I couldn't find it!

C'mon, ladies, where are you?

Don't tell me you've given up.

Well apparently walking does it for me. I did the Shred in June. Nothing. Did running in July and part of August. Nothing. I've been walking since September started and I finally see results!

If its nice out I walk outside. I walk about 3.5 miles. If the weather is not on my side, I take to the treadmill. I usually walk a little faster/farther. I do about 4 miles.

Today I realized I could get Netflix on my phone and watch movies while I walk!

I am definitely starting to see results. I don't feel big and bloated, my stomach is slimming down, and I am below 140lbs! I haven't been that in months!

Finally getting results is a total motivation push. I'm psyched. Here's hoping I keep it up.

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