My 3 b curls...this is almost 6 months ago and I have had some growth. I am going to start the CG method soon. My curls are getting longer and I need to take better care of them! I am having trouble finding products that work and continue to work. I am on a strict budget, can anyone recommend products that can be store bought and/or homemade? TIA!
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For condish, you can try the VO5s or the Suave Naturals. They both cost less than $2. VO5 can be less than $1 on sale. I am a HUGE fan of VO5 kiwi lime clarifying condish as a first condish, and Suave Naturals coconut for my second condish.

And for product, you can try to make flaxseed gel. There are a couple of excellent threads around here for the recipe. Basically its water, flaxseed, heat, and anything else you might want to add, but just water and flaxseed works wonderfully. Very slippery and you can SOTC very easy, while still keeping hold. Store bought gel I use would be: Aussie gels or at Target I buy the Curls brand get which runs $7.99. Not expensive, but definitely NOT cheap. I don't have to use much of it.

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