Hi...I'm Toni! I've just recently joined this site, and this is my first post. Hopefully, I am doing this correctly. Looking forward to learning how to take better care of my natural kinky curly hair. So far I love the site!
I have been relaxer free for 2 years but still have a lot a straight ends from what I believe is heat damage from always blow drying and flat ironing. I think my hair type is a combo of 3c/4a? It's hard to tell with the straight ends. I have been testing almost every product under the sun, and some days feel like I'm losing my patience with it all. I am too afraid to chop off all of the straight ends as my hair has always been just past shoulder length, and I don't know what to do with short hair(how to style it) and even more scary is how I will look with short hair. What if I hate it?
My ultimate goal is to get back to just past shoulder length with my natural hair(I have been trimming as I go and just recently cut off about 3 inches), and be able to sport a wash n go style most days. Would love any types/advice/support...

Also would love to know why most "curly" salons(at least in New Orleans) still automatically throw big rollers in your hair, put you under the dryer and then flat iron you.