That is all I use - Vatika oil. Vatika oil is coconut oil on steroids with all kinds of added herbs. You can find it in Indian grocery stores or order it online through Amazon.

I warm up the bottle in a pot of hot water, then put about 5-6 tablespoons in my hair concentrating on the ends. Cover it with a plastic cap and a sleep cap (to keep it from falling off), and leave it on for about 2 hours or overnight. In the morning or after the 2 hours have elapsed, I wash my hair, then apply a leave in conditioner and either flax seed gel or oil of the day (lol!), then I twist or braid my hair. Its now twice as long as it was when I started being natural in 2009.

I find it hard to believe it when people say their hair doesn't like coconut oil. What I've found is either their hair was coated with some other sealants so the coconut oil couldn't do its job and get to the cortex or their hair strands, OR they used a cheap coconut oil they bought in the hood that had other oils mixed in so it wasn't PURE VIRGIN ORGANIC coconut oil which will cost you a bit of change.

But that's okay, just pick up some Vatika oil. There are no cheap imitations. It's either Vatika or its not. And you will get to see the way it can help your hair become healthy and long without breaking.
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