Well, this is a complete revelation for me. Looking back, I realize that my hair has been the shiniest AND most effortlessly curly when I have applied temporary hair dye.

In fact, before reading this post, I've been tempted to do it again (apply temp dye) because I wanted to see if it would help my hair!

But I was afraid to do it, because

a) I didn't want to damage it, and

b) I was worried about whether or not hair dyes, or at least the conditioners that come with them, have silicones in them, which I am trying to avoid, and if I would need to sulfate-wash after dying (which I am trying to avoid, too) in order to get the silicones in the dye/conditioner out of my hair.

So, I haven't used any dye, temporary or otherwise.

Now, though, that I'm see I'm not the only one to notice the effect this has on my hair, I'm thinking about trying it!

My questions, though, would be:

How often would you need to do this to maintain the benefits of it?

and, follow up to that,

How much damage would this do to your hair to the point that your hair became stripped and uncooperative, ie unhealthy, or even began to lose its curl?

Or fall out completely. Eek!

In any case, this is very very interesting! I'll echo others' sentiments.