I have read that Trader Joes's Conditioner is really good. I have to travel an hour to get it, I can not find it online. I might see if the store nearest me will ship it to me. Anyway, I know it is a good price 2.50 per bottle(what I have read), but I want to know how big is the bottle and is the Shampoo just as good. I do not shampoo very often but I want to know is it moisturing or not. Do people use it for conditioning washes because if it is a big enough bottle I want to start using it for CW.
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I do. At first I didn't -- but I just love this stuff for a co-wash. My hair is 4a and begs for moisture and conditioning, especially during winter. I sometimes add a smidge of castor oil and honey to the TJ during the winter. I no longer use it for a rinseout, just co-wash. My rinse out conditioner (and leave in) is Robert Craig. The bottle is 16 oz. I'm not fond of the shampoo but I rarely shampoo
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