Would like to know what works for you.

Gray, natural, uncolored, unhenna, undyed, unhighlighted hair DOES NOT respond, IMO to products the same as hair that has been chemically altered!!!

So far, the Deva Curl One Condition has made my hair way more curly. Especially on top where the shorter layers are... Is that my Holy Grail? Are their cheaper ones that really bring out the curl??? Still experimenting with Suave, Vo5's... Thinking about Tressemme, the avocado one...

Also, what about lower dew points and cold mn winters. Remembering I am low porosity and natural gray hair, tiny bit of color left on ends (I need to just cut off) what would be a good cone free conditioner for the winter?

Thank you!

DevaCurl NoPoo, One Condition & AnGel
Occasionally: KCCC, KCKT & KCCC
Last Dye 1/4/12
Started Curlygirl Method 6/2012
Final cut to remove dye 3/30/13
Avi & Sig Pics 1/18/16

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