If you still have any of the no-poos on hand (Deva or CJ), have you tried changing your technique? I know that made a huge difference for me. I spent months believing I couldn't co-wash but once I changed my technique it made all the difference in the world (I use the same technique for no-poo/cleansing conditioners that I use for straight conditioner co-washing). In addition to lots of scalp massaging when I apply co-wash (good 2 or 3 minutes), I also continue to massage my scalp as I rinse. This was a night and day difference.

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I don't have any more no poos on hand, they all got swapped but I have some suave condish that I use for shaving my legs. I tried using that as a cowash and my hair looked like an oil slick, lol. I have been using the CHS treatment shampoo and I can't believe how silky my hair feels while I'm rinsing it out. This stuff is amazing!

I guess I'm really lazy with the scalp messaging, my hands are pretty arthritic from driving and shoeing horses in the past so my hands get really sore really quickly. I've tried using my finger tips but then as soon as I ran my fingernail on my scalp the white gunk would be there. So I do scrub my head with my fingernails and find that it helps a bit with with scalp buildup.

I'll revisit cowashing next time and try using your technique. Do you skip the rinse out conditioner when you cowash?

Thanks in advance.