I have noticed the availability and variety and the price of SM differs depending on the neighborhood you are in. Where I live I can only find the pink and gold lines. The price is $9.99. But when I go to New Orleans I can also find the Black line but the price is $10.99. Actually the NOLA Walgreens has a lot of natural lines that the 3 stores near me don't carry. I was able to buy Yucca line up in Nashville.
I'm thinking of buying BOGO for Christmas presents for my family.
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Oh yes you are so right. Just this past Sunday, I went to Target, CVS, & Walgreens and they did not carry the CM Curl Enhancing Smoothie!! Walgreens had a few items from the Coconut Hibiscus line, CVS had only the shampoo for CM shea butter line and Target had the Yucca line and 4 items from the Coconut line. So I will have to order online at walgreens.
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My Target just started carrying any of the natural lines like Mixed Chicks, curls, KC, SM ect. Probably to better compete with Walgreens and Sallys.

I have gotten really good deals ordering SM online from Walgreens. I got 4 containers of purification mask once during bogo. Then I added 4 containers of an activator gel that my mom and I like (cheaper online) to get my over the $25 mark and I got free shipping.
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