im pretty new to all this, but from what i've read on here you nee to scrub for 2-3 minutes...i don't know about the rest of you,but i am going to have to start lifting weights or something because my arms and hands are dead tired after scrubbing on top of my head for that long! LOL!
how hard to scrub? well, lets say you have an itch on your arm, when i scratch an itch,thats about as firmly as i
rub my scalp except when i scratch i use fingernails and when i cowash i use the pads of my fingers but its about the same pressure. i count to about 150 in my head as a massage all around and then stand under the showerhead and massage really well as i rinse it out.i rub each area for a little bit til i feel no residue. sometimes i feel like i roughing up my hair that is near the scalp but i've never seen any problems after i've stepped out of the shower...but then,my hair is thick thick thick!