I was a member way back when Suave Aloe Gel was my holy grail of products, and the forums were nothing like they were now (2001?) Anyway, I used the CG method right when the book came out. I have since gone back and forth between a million products and routines, but landed back here when I started trying to find info on what to use on my daughter's hair.

All that said, I just bought a bunch of new products to try. I never knew anything about porosity prior to coming back looking for information, but now that I've learned a little, My hair is really droopy lately, and doesn't seem to want to clump (I have a bunch of stringy curls - I'm assuming from my highlights, but when I use a deep conditioner, it seems to over-condition).

I found the SheaMoisture line at Walgreens, and decided to try it out. Does anyone have any tips for me on using these products? The set I bought included:

Curl & Shine Shampoo
Curl & Style Milk
Hold & Shine Moisture Mist
Curl Enhancing Smoothie

also bought some Aloe and Waterlily conditioner and some LA Looks gel (blue) after reading a bit about them. I'm trying to transition back to the CG routine, but I wanted to have some options. I guess I'm sensitive to protein, and I think the LA Looks has protein in it, but it seems to be widely recommended, and was cheap.
3A/3B, m/ciii, (3B corkscrews around my face and hairline, 3A botticelli curls around the rest of my head)
Low Porosity
High Density

Mama to:
3B 4 year old girl - medium density, porosity not yet determined,
(and 3 year old boy - slightly curly, maybe 2A/2B)