I can tell that when I first started CG, I scrubbed really hard for the first few weeks for sure. While I was transitioning, my hair couldn't get clean enough and I noticed, the harder I scrubbed, the greasier and frizzier it seemed to get. But then when I was on the bring of giving up, I stopped scrubbing so hard. I blame waking up later than normal and not having enough time to spend on getting it clean.

When I scrub now, I might scrub a little longer than I would when I used to use shampoo, but not any harder. Just long enough to break up any product or extra gel I might have gotten up by my roots. Then, as I rinse I run the rest through to my ends and 'barely finger comb through it' until my hair is rinsed out. When I say barely, I mean I'm not really finger combing, at all but just slipping my fingers in the mess of hair to make sure it's rinsed clean.

That's not Putting any more pressure on my hair than with shampoo, but I'm also moisturizing it and keeping it free of harsh sulfates.

2C, Medium/Fine, Low Porosity, High Density - CG since 5.19.12
Cowash: Burt's Bee's More Moisture Boabab
[B]Conditioner/LI: Nature's Gate Tea Tree Conditioner - I don't RO
Styling Products: KCCC, KY, Deva Arc AnGel, HESMU