Ok,so,I am mixed. My dad's African-American and my mom's from Afghanistan. But people tell me I look black and Mexican. Do I really (I'm on my profile picture...)look like that

My hair texture has changed from manageable curls to wildly long,frizzy almost afro. Well,that only happens when I don't put any products in it after I wash my hair. What should I use on my hair? I like the fact that I have thick hair (I'm the only one out of my family with hair like this). But I use olive oil in my hair,and leave it in. I try to use the smallest amount,maybe like 1 or 2 ounces. I like that it stops frizz but it reduces my hair thickness to like half it's real texture and I just want to find a way to keep my hair big without it looking nappy and unkempt. What should I use? Oh,and are their any other mixed people with hair like mine?