Thanks for the reply! I don't know if you could see my signature, but I have low porosity. I'm sure at this point, the droopy curls are over conditioned. I've tried deep conditioners, leave-ins, and co-washing all over the last month or so, and they've not been very happy. The stringy curls seems to be mostly about the product I'm using, I think, but I could certainly be wrong. I'll assume PT is protein treatment? Any tips on what I should use, since I thought I was sensitive to protein, being low porosity?

PS - your curls are gorgeous! I don't know if that's a new description since I've been around the forums, but I think corkicelli pretty much describes my hair perfectly. I'm boticelli mostly, but corkscrews around my face and around the back of my neck (basically my whole hairline). My hair isn't fine, but otherwise, our hair sounds very similar.
3A/3B, m/ciii, (3B corkscrews around my face and hairline, 3A botticelli curls around the rest of my head)
Low Porosity
High Density

Mama to:
3B 4 year old girl - medium density, porosity not yet determined,
(and 3 year old boy - slightly curly, maybe 2A/2B)