My hair constantly has halo frizz. However, my hair is moisturized, and it is very soft and shiny too. However, I did a coconut oil and honey treatment about four days ago and I can totally tell that my hair is even softer and there is about half the frizz there was before. But the problem is my curl pattern. I use to get ringlets in parts and the last few days are nothin but soft lifeless waves.

I'm wondering if I need more protein? It's obvious from the daily products I use (SN Coconut, and BB's Very Volumizing, both have protein) that my hair loves protein and that I haven't gotten dry or straw like hair from doing weekly PTs yet, so I'm pretty sure it's protein craving but could I be wrong?

I was thinking of doing my first gelatin PT tomorrow, but I figure I'd take it to the boards here and see what you guys think.


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