I get my waves from my mom and grandpa who both have Curly hair. But I think my texture must have something to do with my Lebanese grandma. Does anyone else have any middle eastern descent? My dads hair is straight and black. But my favorite thing I inherited from my mom is my hair birthmark. Both my mom and I have natural white streaks in the same spot. The curly hair gene is dominant so I hope my children get it too! Haha
2b Fine
Course under layer
straight roots, frizzy, very dry split ends,

shampoo: Shea Moisture Moisture Retention
Co-wash: Trader Joes Balanced Moisturizing Nourish Spa
Conditioner: GVP conditioning Balm
Leave in: traderJoes nourish spa
Style: L'oreal eversleek anti frizz serum, AIF, Living Proof wave shaping gel, HETT mousse