Dear people of earth,

You did not come from monkeys.

Common ancestor..... Monkeys, no. Apes also no, although we are closely related to them.

k bye.

eta: I can't belive lady gaga and Lindsay lohan are friends. I don't approve of their friendship. Because I own lady gaga, obviously. But like really? She's like the person you don't hang out with because they'll ruin your reputation in those movies, (usually because said person is promiscuous, in this case an ex crack head / still a crack head possibly with no proof but most likely cause she was recently accused of stealing and blamed it on sugabear knight's son, cause she's on drugs) . I has to side eye this fwendship. Totally sketch, totally makes me not want to listen her music ever again. That being said, I totally like Lindsay lohan, on a I-love-mean-girls-so-I-will-always-love-you level, but not both together.

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