People are so ignorant, they don't even know that Africans have wavy, curly & kinky hair. I'm black and don't have light skin but because of my hair, I've had people ask me if I am or are my parents are mixed. LOL...I'm just a black person with curly hair like both my parents. I haven't researched my racial history and really don't care. And the funny thing is that it's always black people that are questioning me.
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I don't know if you'll see this, but I have had a black person say that anyone who was black and had curly hair was automatically mixed, because a true black person does not have curly hair.
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A person said that for real?!?!? What nonsense!! I mean, sure ancestory can explain a trait, but black is black regardless of curl pattern. My friend is waaaaaayyyyy darker than I am. And I've seen the rest of her family so I know where she comes from.....her curl is a lil looser and much more defined than mine. But you can't tell me that I'm truly black and she is not.

That comment displays true "igggnance." So much so that I had to mispell the word.

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