What brand of soap bars do you use? I also have not had luck with co-washing and have been using CJ gentle shampoo. However, I have better luck with switching products and could use another hair wash.
Hair type: 2c/3a (ii)
Texture: fine
Porosity: normal
Elasticity: normal
Characteristics: flat top, low root curl, less curly on left side canopy, easily weighed down, colored.
Likes: protein!!!! Dislikes: glycerin (unless it is far down in the ingredients list).
Favorites: HGs: almost all SS; CKCJ, CKSR, CJRM; CJCurl Junkie treatments; homemade FSG; UFDCM; Shescentit LIs; Sevi conditioners; Botanical Spirits Puree (new formula); Marie Dean creams, leave ins and souffle.