I wouldn't use laxatives castor oil from what I seen it's not for hair idk I read if you want to use it and get it's full effects get cold press. Here some brands ( The palma chrisli , Home health , now solutions , Jamaican black castor oil ) can get them at vitamin shoppe whole foods amazon trader joes
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I can't buy anything online and we don't have vitamin shoppe and whole foods nearby. I didn't know trader joe's had castor oil. Are you sure? What section is it in? Or maybe mine just doesn't have it, because I haven't seen it.
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Ya buying stuff online is hard for me too since my mom won't let me use her credit card but you could try buying a giftcard from amazon and using that.
Maybe those websites like swagbucks,zoombucks,or prizerebel will help I tried but it takes too long.

Or you can see if your phone has an app for amazon coupons.I use one that gives $3 worth of an amazon giftcard. It's called 'smart phone mate' for android phones but iphones have one too I heard.

Until I'm convinced that black castor oil is better I'll stick with the plain laxitative one in stores.