Hello everyone! I have been following this website for some time now trying to figure out what my hair diagnosis is and how a plan of action for care and maintenance. After several attempts at deep conditioners I think it's time for some serious business.

Thinking about doing a protein treatment but am a little hesitant because of the possible reverse action it can do (over drying). Right now, I wash my hair about 1-2 times a week with drugstore products. I have a lot of hair breakage(small hairs) and loss (actual long strands with white bulb attached). I sleep with my hair in a bun or ponytail but am thinking that's probably contributing to my hair breakage/loss. Anyt thoughts about the SatinSakk?? Should I invest in that? I would love more than anything some advice from all of you gorgeous curlies! Everything from protein treatment, deep conditioner, no-poo , conditioner, gel is welcomed, whatever it takes!

After lots of reading I have figured my hair is:
(Picture is my hair right now)
Type:2B-2C but with potential of being 3B
Texture: Medium/Coarse
Porous: High

Oh yeah! Here's a little history of my hair... Growing up I was surrounded by straight hairs. My grandma got really fed up with trying to deal with my curly hair that we got it chemically straightened and ultimately cut it all off (think of Felicity when she cut off all her hair, it was actually at the same time and everyone in school compared me to her). I eventually grew it out but still kept up the chemical straightening. It was stick straight after chemical treatments, blow drying, and flat ironing. Kept it up for 5-6 years. After stopping it, I noticed some hair breakage, some hairs were 2 inches long while the rest of my head was 10 inches. It's been almost 10 years since I touched a chemical treatment. I am now embracing my curly side and never looking back! Please help me curlies!
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